Hi! We have been homeschooling our 9 children from the beginning.  This school year, 2009/2010, is our 19th year of homeschooling. Our children are now: Stephanie 21, Tiffany 19, Timothy 17, Jonathan 16,
Kimberly 14, Benjamin 11, Joshua 10, Jennifer 7, and Jessica 2.

Since purchasing Marilyn Howshall’s Wisdom’s Way of Learning books,
during the fall of 2004, our schooling has taken some major changes.
We have used a great mixture of curriculum over the years. By far, my
favorite is the unit studies by Learning Adventures. This curriculum
is why we are able to step out and do WWOL, as it has given us the
proper tools – in learning how to research through “living books”.
Once again, we are using LA to as our Unit Study!!! This
comprehensive curriculum covers everything but math for grades 4th
to 8th.
This year we are doing “lapbooks” to record all the things that we
are learning. We are also in the process of using cards for our

A few years ago, we started using Math U See. We had been
struggling with multiplication and division in our prior curriculum.
Math U See has made a world of a difference as they are quickly
catching up to where they should be.

I have 3 in High School this year, we have already graduated our 2
oldest. The boys are using Notgrass History (includes Bible and
English), Science Overview (Stout) and Math U See.

We have also started using the WorkBox System – wow has this really
helped in our homeschool. Be sure to look for further updates to
these pages as I share what we are doing this year.

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